D&B IMPIANTI S.r.l.is able to build and set up systems, and provide the relevant complementary services:

Activated carbon systems, for the treatment of fumes emitted by machines that use solvents for processing, with the recycling of the evaporated solvents which are then re-used in the production cycle; suitable for both soluble solvents, and ones that are insoluble in water.

Direct combustion systems, mainly used for the purification of fumes containing composite mixtures of non-solvents unsuitable for use with activated carbon, and with medium or high concentrations of solvents.

Catalyst-driven combustion systems, an alternative solution to the direct combustion systems, and favoured when the concentration of solvent to be purified is low; the solvents are oxidized with catalysts which operate at lower temperatures, with management of deducible energy savings.

Synergies: Efficient systems and technological means

All other company departments work in synergy, by capitalising on the collective experience, ensuring a profitable service with fine-tuning of the departments, all to ensure the speed and quality of services.