D&B IMPIANTI S.r.l. specialises in construction for the industrial sector and in the processing of steel and iron. It also designs and makes artistic works in metal, manufacture of works of art, objects forindoors, vehicle-accessible and artistic gates, fences with any kind of decoration, grilles and garden furniture, along with many other metal products.

We study and define what is hoped tobe accomplished together with the customer, and once the basic ideas are established and shared, we proceed to the design stage.Simulations are carried out and finally the product is manufactured. Our products are original, personalised and refined to the last tiny detail. We carry our artistic workby creating designs that have solid aesthetic value for businesses and shops. We produce signs, totems, logos, and emblems of any kind and size,which can be created and designed specifically for any business.

If you are looking for something really special and unique for your home or business, we also produce tables in stainlesssteel and glass, sliding doors in glass or stainless steel, private rooms, personalised stairs in iron and stainless steel, as well as many other decorative items. Speed and quality is ensured throughout the entire manufacturing process, D&B IMPIANTI committed to providing state-of-the-art manufacture. They are completely available to their customers and work with in a spirit of co-operation to achieve the best results together.