D&B IMPIANTI S.r.l.specialises in the production of the most diverse types of items including: tanks, autoclaves, boilers, reactors, heat exchangers, condensers, mixers, mixing vessels, filters, hoppers, extractor fans, tanks, silos, decanters, and separators in stainless steel, iron and which are pressurized.

Prefabrication of pipes and specially-designed items

Silos, autoclaves, boilers, filters

Stands for industrial machine tools

Awnings, platforms, stairs, balconies, structures with floor grilles.

Pilot plantswith skid loaders

Soundproof booths

The extensive experience gained in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry makes us an ideal partner for engineering companies and all builders of stainless steel machinery, as our employees are able to provide a high quality technical service.

Policies: customer focus and efficiency

The speedin which products on the market evolve and increased competitiveness,have re-evaluated the meaning of speed of service, emphasizing the vital importance in every production flow. This aspect is not the only relevant value; you must add it toproduction quality. So, we provide speed and quality in all stages of the service.

Our team helps us to improve our commitment to constantly keeping up-to-date and involved every day, thanks to the spirit of co-operation (a key attribute of our company), combined with in-depth knowledge of market demands.