Compostezza dinamicità versatilità

Composure, dynamism, and versatility are the attributes that have allowed our company to gain a position of respect in the industrial construction sector.

Our work experience is based on the construction of chemical, pharmaceutical and food plants.

The ability to respond quickly to the client’s needs, to offer quick resolutions to any problems related to production, and to respect the time allocated for regular and special maintenance, have allowed us to build lasting customer relationships based on mutual trust.

Our company consists of 30 employees. Its organization consists of a sole director at the top, who is responsible for economic, commercial and financial management. There is also a technical department which coordinates building sites, a commercial and administrative department, a prevention and protection service, and our foremen and workers.

Resources: technology and staff

The real assets of our company are our specialised workers. Pipe fitters, carpenters and welders who, through their experience working for large Italian industrial groups, are now able to achieve pipe fitting, carpentry, maintenance and repair work with the utmost professionalism and safety.

We have the capability of 35 and 40 tonne lifting, as well as platforms for lifting workers up to a height of 40 metres, and other building site equipment.